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Tenant Purchase Technical Assistance Program Overview

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ULS HOMEWORKS is the District premier provider of resident run multi-family housing information in the District of Columbia. Tenants and cooperators looking for information, a referral or just advice have been coming to us for over 15 years. Currently ULS Homework’s focuses on two major program areas: Tenant Purchase Technical Assistance, and Affordable Housing Cooperative Asset Management.

Tenant Purchase Technical Assistance

Since the 1980’s tenants in the District of Columbia have had the legal right, to purchase their building from their landlord when it was placed for sale. As part of the structured sales process tenants are entitled to technical assistance provided by the City at no cost to them. For over 15 years ULS has been D.C.’s designated provider of that assistance. As part of that effort ULS Homeworks staff conducts onsite educational meetings, helps organize tenant associations, collects financial information, and prepares lending and development feasibility analysis. Tenants can also receive free help creating legal documents like articles of incorporation and bylaws, and preparing loan application and related materials. Since this program started ULS Homeworks has helped dozens of tenant associations buy their buildings and operate them as cooperatives, condominiums or tenant run rentals. If your building is up for sale call us to set up a meeting and start getting the information you need.

Affordable Housing Asset Management

When it comes to running an affordable housing cooperative (or other kind of affordable housing development), planning for tomorrow is hard enough, but planning for 5 to 10 years in the future can seem impossible. That is where ULS Homeworks Affordable Housing Cooperative Asset Management can help. Our 15 years of affordable housing development and community organizing experience gives us unique insight into the life cycle and challenges faced by these developments. By focusing on 3 commonly overlooked factors of cooperative future planning we ensure that our clients understand what is coming next before problems develop.

These commonly overlooked factors are:

1. Physical
ULS Homeworks believes that taking care of the Cooperative’s largest asset – the building, is critical. To be successful cooperators must understand the physical condition of their building inside and out. At ULS Homeworks we make sure our clients understand the useful life of their home and all of its subsystems so they can plan today for what is going to happen tomorrow, and on into the future.

 2. Financial
All cooperators know that properly managing their Cooperative’s financial affairs is job #1.  ULS Homeworks works to make sure its clients develop the strategies and habits they need to reduce costs, respond effectively to administrative needs, and keep their corporate and financial affairs organized and up to date.

3. Educational
Continuing education for members is critical. ULS Homeworks provides onsite, interactive trainings designed to make sure current, and even more importantly, future cooperators know how to do it the right way. Course subjects include; "What is a Housing Cooperative", “Conducting Effective Board Meetings,” “Dispute Resolution,” “Conducting Elections,” “Strategic Planning,” “Member Selection /Filling Vacancies,”  and more. See our course catalogue for full details.
If your cooperative wants or needs help call us today.