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Improving Your Co-op

Like any other organization, Housing Co-op's have their fair share of challenges. Newer Co-op's often struggle with the basics such as:

- Understanding Co-op Business, Tax and Lender Requirements - BOARD MONTHLY TASK CHECKLIST
- Establishing effective leadership
- Running productive board meetings - SAMPLE MINUTES WORKSHEET
- Member selection
- Marketing and filling vacant units - LEC Marketing Best Practices
- Building Community
- Working with property management companies

Mature Co-op's face different challenges. When a Co-op has been in existence for a long time, the issues have more to do with:
- Passing on corporate knowledge
- Losing sight of the original mission
- Rehabilitating aging property
- Paying off or refinancing the mortgage 
- Aging members

If you live in a Co-op, chances are there are some adjustments you could make to help your co-op be stronger. ULS sees the value of Co-op's and the role they play maintaining affordable housing in DC.  We offer board and member training opportunities as well as ongoing consultation services.  Call us to see how we can help you.

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